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Cuisines You Should Look Out For And Other Specialties

Spain is a country where food is a big deal for the locals. That should come as a consolation for all who are planning to tour the region and want to be satisfied that they will have enough to eat while in the region.

Spaniards love cooking and they also like to make new discoveries in the kitchen as they move along. In most families, recipes are passed down the generations thus keeping the legacy alive. There are lots of options that are open for anyone who wants to enjoy great meals in Spain.

Some of the most popular dishes in Spain are the Spanish ones. These are great to try out as they will help you try out something new. You may actually find something that you can really associate with in the menus.

Apart from the Spanish dishes, there are other international ones that you can choose from. They include dishes from Argentina, Japan, France, china, Italy, as well as Vietnam. There are many other cuisines that are readily available in Spain. In most cases, you may find that the bigger cities have the widest options to choose from when it comes to choice of food. In Spain today, there are many foreign restaurants that are in operation in different places in the region.

Before leaving Spain, you may want to try out some specialties that may interest you. The first thing that you should try is the region cheeses. There are many in variety and you can choose the one that you favour most. The most famous cheese is Oueso Manchego. Try it out as well as the other.

Another specialty in Spain is Chorizo. This is a very popular kind of sausage that is all spiced and cured. It is made from ham, pork, pepper as well as garlic. There are many varieties that are available as well as shapes and sizes. There are also many shades which are all associated to red.

Jamon is yet another specialty. This is basically ham dried in air. It is made out of the meat derived from the pig’s back legs. It is called trowel if the meat is from front legs. Different regions have different Jamon that you can enjoy greatly. The best is Jamon Iberico as the pigs are free range. Morcillas is another specialty that is actually sausage made from pig blood. It may be fresh, dried or smoked.

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Different Alcoholic Drinks That You May Enjoy While In Spain

Spaniards in a general view love having a good time. They also love to come together and enjoy great times as they engage in festivals that in most cases involve the drinking of wine. If you are new or even been in Spain before, having fun if you are the type is guaranteed.

Spanish beer is not at all bad. You may even like it if you get to try it. There are brands in Spain that are superior to others. The ones that are most popular include names like Estrella de Galicia, Ambar, Cruzcampo, Estrella Damm and San Miguel among many other brands that are made locally. In Spain, you will also get some imported brands especially in the city areas. Some of the most popular beers that can be ranked as the best in Spain and are worth a try include Legado de Yuste and Mezquita. Some of this may be a little expensive than your ordinary beer. In some cases, you may get brands that have non-alcoholic options.

An often practice in Spain is to serve beer from a tap into various glasses. It is hard to get a serving that is that big. These when accompanied by tapas make a great treat. It is a normal practice in Spain to have a drink in one bar quickly accompanied by tapas and then move on to the next club.

In Zaragoza area, you can get pilsner type called Ambar which has a high alcohol concentration of 5.2% as well as export double malt with 7.0% alcohol. Ambar 1900 is also available in the region. Marlen is yet another brand made by using hops and malted barley. A light beer called Clara is suitable as it is refreshing especially in the hot months of summer. It is best served with lemonade.

Cava is sparkling wine made in Spain. The manufacture of this great wine mainly is from the area of Barcelona which covers 99% of its production.

The drink cider is mainly found in regions such as Pais Vasco, Asturias, Galicia as well as Cantabria. Sangria is yet another drink in Spain. It is fruits and wines that are quite simple. It is a common drink in touristy areas. It is a favorite drink especially where there are fiestas or when the weather is hot.

One of the most popular wines in Spain is sherry. It has alcohol percentage of 15%. When you order it from a bar, ask for fino. There are different types of sherry wine which you will greatly enjoy.

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Enjoy Spain’s Bullfights

Think Spain, and there is not much you can do to stop thinking about bullfighting. Beyond the ravishing beaches and the great monuments and architecture, experiencing the Spanish culture becomes complete when you enjoy Spain’s bullfights.

Bullfighting, though with its share of controversies, is widely followed and praised as an art form than competitive sports, considering that there is none to compete with in this rather vigorous form of entertainment. However, what the crowds relish and cheer for when they enjoy Spain’s bullfights is the way man fights with the beasts, the personifications of power, and the way man finally manages to conquer the wild.

Traditional bullfights involved not just the taming of bulls but also the final act of killing the beasts when they are beaten in their own turf. However, these days, the bulls are hooked by the matadors by their shoulders and are suppressed, before they are released into the fields after the fights. As you enjoy Spain’s bullfights, it would help to know that the traditional style of the entertainment involved three matadors, with each of them involved in fighting two bulls.

You could enjoy Spain’s bullfights that are mostly held between the months of April and September, with Sunday being the preferred day for the event that is virtually held in most major cities around the country. The most famous of them all is the Pamplona Running of the Bulls, where you could find people running for their lives as bulls are let loose in the streets. While the people on the ground who may be staring at the bulls charging at them may not exactly enjoy Spain’s bullfights, it is the thrill of being faced with immediate danger that drives people crazy about bullfights in Spain.

Some of the entertainments that you may not want to miss as you enjoy Spain’s bullfights include the Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo in the month of February, near the tourist hotspot of Salamanca, where even the general public are invited to participate and take part in the thrill of the event with younger bulls. Valencia is another centre where you could enjoy Spain’s bullfights that are held in March every year. Apart from them, the other major cities such as Seville, Madrid, Alicante, Coria, Denia, Malaga and Ronda offer opportunities for you to enjoy Spain’s bullfights all year round. Whenever you visit Spain and wherever you may spend your holidays, Spain’s bullfights are never too far away.

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Going For Shopping Holidays In Spain

People go to Spain for different reasons but there is something that many people do while there and that is go for shopping. There are those who go to Spain specifically for the shopping holidays. If this is your sole motive, then there are some things that you should know when planning for the same.

Many businesses in Spain with an exception of restaurants usually close at around one thirty or two. They again reopen from four thirty or even five. You should therefore plan to come early so as to get them in good time while they are still open. The major stores as well as malls remain open in most places and therefore are more convenient.

It is very important that you note that lunch is the most important meal in Spain. At this time restaurants and bars remain open so as to serve the important meal. If you are planning to shop on Saturday, you should know that businesses are usually closed in the evenings. It is very hard to find an open shop over Sundays unless it is the festive season. Madrid and Barcelona stores are usually open in the festive season so shopping may be quite easy if you are in Spain over this time.

If you have some official business to take care of, do so in good time. Many of the public offices as well as banks usually do not reopen after the lunch break. If you need the services of a public office or a bank while in Spain, please try to find out the working hours so as to make sure that you do not get inconvenienced by getting there when they are already closed.

When you are in Spain for shopping only or when you have set aside a day for shopping especially in the small shops, the closed shops should act as a reminder that you also need to go get a meal. After you have eaten, you may find that some shops have already re-opened.

When you are shopping for shoes and clothes, you will have a lot of options open for you. There are many well known brands in Spain and the world such as Bershka, Desigual, Zara and Mango among many others. There are however some brands that are Spanish in origin. The most popular brands that you may want to try when you are on holiday are Custo Barcelona and Kowalski. These have stores in various parts of the country and are great brands too.

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Affordable Cheap Hotels in Spain

The vast country of Spain is full of surprises and amazing tourist attractions that keep getting visitors from the rest of Europe and from around the world. And the reasons why people keep pouring into the country have as much to do with the hotels in Spain as they have to do with the outstanding holiday destinations in Spain.

The best thing that people who flock to Spain could look forward to is the fact that Spain has been at the centre of attraction for innumerable people since time immemorial. A country that has played host to legions of travellers from across the world and for a period of over centuries can only be expected to have perfected its art of hospitality – and that is what hotels in Spain are all about.

The kind of variety that one could witness when travelling across this vast land is literally unbelievable. You could keep counting the number of natural beauties and architectural wonders that Spain has got in store, as you travel across the length and breadth of this great nation. And hotels in Spain have done full justice to address the needs and to quench the quest of travellers who are on the lookout for an unforgettable experience to add to their lifetime memories.

There are the amazing destinations in Costa Blanca, one of the longest coastlines in Spain with locations that make visitors long to stay back. The coastline in the Northeast, Costa Brava, is equally enticing, with the entire coastline being dotted with tourist attractions all the way from Blanes to the French borders in the north. The Mediterranean climate in the coastlines is what drives people crazy about Spain as they flock in from the other European counterparts that are known for their chilling weathers. Naturally, hotels in Spain would have to gear up to the challenges and rise to the occasion, catering to all the travellers, whose numbers may become quite exorbitant during the summer months.

Hotels in Spain cater to clients and guests all across the country in all the major centres of attractions that have people pouring into. It could be at some of the best beaches at Mallorca, the tiny but extremely attractive island along the coast of Spain, in the capital city of Madrid, at Barcelona, along the beaches of Lanzarote or in Salamanca – hotels in Spain are known to deliver value and delight to avid travellers.

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Top Sights and Attractions in Madrid

The name that resonates in the ears of those looking for an excuse to escape into Spain is Madrid, the capital of Spain known for its deep cultural roots, its rich heritage, its historical significance, and its top sights and attractions. Madrid is the place to be for those looking for that extra punch in life.

Top Sights and Attractions in Madrid – Puerta del Sol: Wherever you come from and whatever your destination is, this is where you would want to start your exploration from, at the centre of the vibrant city of Madrid. This is one of the busiest places in the city, known for its amazing ambience, its historical significance, and some of the most famous buildings in Madrid. From the old post office that serves as the President’s office, to the mounted statue of Charles III of Spain, this is where you would be oriented into the culture of Spain and its amazing architecture.

Top Sights and Attractions in Madrid – Real Jardin Botanico: when in Madrid, you may also want to find yourself in a bit of greenery and in perfectly natural surroundings – and that is what the Royal Botanical Garden is all about. The garden boasts of an enormous variety of plants and trees, lovely and colourful flowers, and lots of fresh air right in the city centre. If you have been busy for the past couple of days experiencing the likes of Puerto del Sol and Prado Museum, you may want to walk into the Royal Botanical Gardens and take it easy.

Top Sights and Attractions in Madrid – Parque Del Oeste: Commonly referred to as the park of the west, the gardens are less crowded in comparison with Parque Del Retiro, another park in Madrid. But what makes Parque Del Oeste special is the presence of the ruins of an ancient Greek temple, with the monument of Templo de Debod that has its origins in the 4th Century being one of the chief attractions of the garden, apart from its famous Rose Gardens.

Top Sights and Attractions in Madrid – Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas: You could not possibly leave Madrid without experiencing the venue of one of the most famous sporting events around the world – bullfighting in Spain is of historical significance and it is an experience in itself to be at the world famous venue where the event unfolds in all its colours and fury.    

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Spanish Holiday Features

Spain offers some of the best holiday memories especially because it has all the features and elements that make an ideal holiday destination. It is therefore not a wonder that it is among the world’s best holiday destinations. A well planned holiday in the country is bound to be rewarding in every way.

The best thing about the country is that it is designed to accommodate every kind of traveler. It has all the features that individuals are looking for in a destination. Some of the features that you will find in the country are natural areas such as mountains, rivers and lakes and parks as well as reserves making the perfect place for a green holiday. The features are in different parts of the country and you will get to enjoy depending on the area that you choose.

The other features that you will find are monuments and architectural value buildings. They are well encased in the cathedrals, churches and palaces as well as castles. They are also in the different regions and cities of Spain and you will love learning about the history behind the monuments and the buildings and the architectural value that they have. They are a treasure to the country. You will also find most interesting the museums and art galleries with their rich history that they have to them.

Leisure areas in Spain are in plenty as well and they include restaurants, theme parks and water parks among other recreational areas. They offer all visitors the chance to get in touch with their fun side and they accommodate even families with children. Depending on what they have been designed for, you will manage to find a place that is most suitable for the holiday needs that you could be facing.

The islands and the coastlines are some of the major highlights in Spain and they attract thousands of the tourists to the country. They offer endless fun to all with the magnificent sandy beaches and resorts bound to make any holiday most enjoyable. You can enjoy cruises, water sports and other interesting features that the areas have for your holiday. They also have interesting villages and breathtaking landscapes.

Spain can indeed be termed as one of the best holiday destination since it has everything for every kind of traveler. You will love the fact that you choose it as your ideal destination for a deserved holiday.

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Spanish Tours – The Benefits

Tours in Spain can be the most fulfilling and rewarding during holidays in the country. They are a great way of enjoying the best that the country has to offer. The fact is that Spain has numerous wonderful grounds for that memorable holiday and depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, you will find a holiday package or tour that will meet with all the holiday requirements that you have.

The Spanish tours are packaged differently depending on the region or part of the country that you are in. They follow a certain schedule to the different attraction in the city and it is therefore advisable that you take the time in comparing the options available to you before choosing the one you feel will be best for the holidays. The tours come with their benefits which could be the reason as to why more visitors are turning to them to experience the best of Spain.

The tours, depending on their length will offer you the chance to enjoy everything in a short time. It is possible through the tours to explore and enjoy the best of a city destination. This has been made possible by the tours firms including the major and best attractions of the city within the tours thus ensuring that your time is spent visiting the best. Some of the tours will however take more than two or three days to cover all the major attractions and also activities and festivals. With the range, you will manage to choose a schedule that works best for you.

These tours also have the benefit of saving you money during your Spanish holiday. This is because they combine all the major things to see and enjoy in the selected destination thus saving you money that you could have otherwise used moving from one attraction to another by yourself. You will also find that you save lots of time under the best tours in your chosen destination.

Spanish tours come complete with experienced and knowledgeable guides. They will offer you all the details that you need during the tour and what’s more, they are English speaking and hence you will not have any problems with language and translation as you enjoy the best of the destination. Since most of the tours accommodate small numbers of people, you also stand to enjoy personalized attention from the guides and even enjoy great dining and wining as well as accommodation during the tour.

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National Parks in Spain

Spain has an area of 1,226 km2 dedicated to national parks. The Pyrenees have the greatest wildlife habitats in the whole of Europe. Alpine wildlife merges with the Mediterranean; thus there is a great platform for activities and interest. The national parks are a must visit when one is on holiday in Spain.

Donana national park is a great place and is located in Huelva and Seville provinces near Guadalquivir river mouth. The area occupied by the national park is 50,720 hectares. There are three ecosystems here that include wetlands, coastal dunes as well as marshes. There are also the stunning Atlantic beaches in the park and so there is plenty to be experienced here.

The climate is just wonderful. In winter, temperatures are as low as 8 degrees; thus it is an ideal place for the birds migrating to the continent of Africa. It is also a great place for the winter animals.

Tablas de Daimiel Park occupies 1,982 hectares and is found in a region called La Mancha Humeda. The area has large plains that also possess wetlands as well as endoreic areas. Here you can find some 200+ bird species.

Montana de Covadonga national park on the other hand covers an area of 17,000 hectares. It is near Picos de Europa mountain range and is between Dobra and Cares rivers. There is a natural habitat of plant and animal species. Some of the species face extinction and include the capercaille and royal eagle.

Ordesa national park covers 16,000 hectares. It is in Huesca Pyrenees. There is a very natural enclave and here you will also find mountain goats. The goats are the only herd in the Pyrenees.

Lago de Sant Maurici and Aigues tortes cover 10,230 hectares. It is quite isolated and here you will see great cascades as well as mountain lakes on valleys formed by ancient glaciers. It is a spectacular sight.

Canadas del Teide national park covers some 13,500 hectares. It is found on Tenerife Island. The Teide Mountain has volcanic origins and is actually 3,317 meters in height. The cape has snow which is a great contrast as the weather on the island is subtropical. The flora here is the exclusive Autoconous species which are fifty in number. They do not grow anywhere else.

Timanfaya national park covers 5,170 hectares. It is on the island called Lanzarote and has some volcanic formations of the 19th and 18th centuries. It also has Autoconous species of plants as well as the haria lizard.

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10 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

Spain is made up of many cities located within its regions. Some of the cities have more popularity than others and hence cannot be missed by visitors coming in the country for their holidays. Below are some of the best cities of Spain that are worth visiting any given day.

Madrid: this is a city offering visitors the best modern stay in Spain. Most visitors coming here get mixed reactions because it is a city full of diversity. It is a big city with plenty to offer to its visitors and you will be amazed by just how much you can see and do while here regardless of the period of time you have to spare for the holiday.

Barcelona: it is probably the most popular Spanish city. The plenty of Gaudi architecture makes it one of the best that you can choose for the holiday. The Las Ramblas is among the major attractions of the city as you will also find amazing the city life and the nightlife in the city.

Granada: it could be smaller in size compared to the previous two but nevertheless has so much to offer to its visitors. Alhambra the Moorish fortress found here is among the major attractions and features you cannot miss out on while in the city. You will also enjoy free tapas and the amazing tea houses with a Moroccan twist to them.

Seville: the city can be quite hot during summer months and you will have the chance to enjoy the Cathedral and the Alcazar which make the major attractions of the city. It is an enchanting city with plenty for all kinds of holidaymakers.

Valencia: this is a small city but the charm and adventurous experience it has makes it among the best in Spain that you can settle in for a holiday. There are a lot of things and places to experience and explore in the small city and hence it is slowly gaining popularity among tourists.

The other Spanish cities that are worth checking out while in the country include San Sebastian, Bilbao with its amazing Guggenheim Museum, Cordoba, and Santiago de Compostela with the interesting old cathedral and Salamanca with its amazing architecture. They are some of the cities that will make your stay in Spain most enjoyable without a doubt and you would have seen and experienced the best that country has to offer.

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